Getnode User Review - longterm experience

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First experiences with Getnode

I was skeptical at first. On the one hand to understand exactly what Getnode does, whether the yields are really reliable and above all how high in reality. Confused things are buzzing around on the Internet. After doing some research and a lot of curiosity, I decided to pay my first € 1000, the minimum amount. I wanted to know. And in a nutshell: Getnode gets profits from Bitcoin’s transaction fees by operating masternodes.

Later I paid a little more and wanted to try it out for a year. It has been several years now and I am happy to tell you about my joy and sorrow with Getnode and my Getnode long-term experience. So much at the beginning, it pays off and I’m more than satisfied.

Who am i?

I’m actually a normal, somewhat tech-savvy guy. Family man, mid-30s from beautiful Tyrol. Bitcoin scared me off at first, but then curiosity got bigger. I just want to share my experiences with my reviews, maybe they will help someone else.

Getnode within one year


Earnings in the first year

One has to say: Getnode always pays on time! Either to my bank account, wallet or as a reinvest. I tried everything, but then I stayed with 100% Reinvest.

How much Getnode profit did I have over the year? In my table on the left you can see my payouts, compared with my self-invested amount. I calculated it for you and actually got a return of 28.42% in one year.

I have to admit. I was already surprised at the return. Especially since Bitcoin price gains are not included. The Bitcoin course has nothing to do with it at first.

I then extrapolated it to 20 years and well, let’s say I don’t have to worry about my pension. So I paid € 1,000 each for the future of my children. If they are big, I may be able to support them a lot. I also strongly believe that Bitcoin itself will continue to rise over the years.

Trustworthy? disbursements?

I can attest that Getnode always pays on time and is absolutely reliable!

I also had thoughts like: Is my money safe? Would I get it back anytime? How long does a withdrawal take?

And yes, … I wanted to withdraw money, it was always in my account within 2-3 days. The winnings, as you can see on the table, were also paid out very reliably. And the more I deal with the company, the more trustworthy it comes across.

Everything is clearly described on the Getnode homepage and as a member you get access to webinars, general meetings etc. online.

Fictitious calculation example

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1000 euros invested for my children would result in 270,000 euros in 20 years.

Price gains in Bitcoin are not included. The Bitcoin price could well be 100,000 euros in 10 years …

Small difficulties

There are also things that bothered me … yes!

1.) Even though the payment is very fast … the deposit into the getnode pool takes a long time. A Euro or Bitcoin transfer also appears after 2-3 days. But the money just has to be invested in a masternode pool. And that can take 1-2 weeks. The problem with that is. I see a low rate, want to start with euros, but Getnode only buys Bitcoin after 1-2 weeks. The course was again unfavorable for me.

The problem can be avoided, however, by first buying Bitcoin on a stock exchange and then transferring Bitcoin directly to Getnode. I use Litebit to buy Bitcoin and other Coins.


Getnode pays out every 2 weeks. Either cash into your account, via Bitcoin or as a re-invest into your Genode account.

Getnode has a team of over 15 employees. But is constantly growing.

The company is German-run, based in Malta in the EU.

The minimum deposit amount is 1000 euros or 0.2 BTC and is committed for half a year.

In a network for blockchains, there are two types of nodes: The “normal” nodes are participants who do the mining and generate the cryptocurrency. Masternodes, on the other hand, manage the network and save the respective blockchain.

The masternode operator receives profits from the transaction fees.

You can easily register here.

Getnode website

2.) The second thing that has bothered me so far is that there is no Getnode app. That is a shame, but it is a relatively young company. I understand that you can’t have everything the same and in this case I prefer to concentrate on making money. The Getnode website already looks very good and an app will surely come at some point.

Getnode User Review - longterm experience

Fazit - in the end

Would I recommend Getnode?

Yes! The company makes a very good impression, payments have always been very reliable and I have a good feeling that my money is safe.

The yields are actually there and impressive. For these reasons and because I also like the website and the overall layout, the concept and the simplicity for the user, I would say from my Getnode long-term experience: Try it – if you have at least a 1000 Dollar at hand.

Here you will have the Getnode Website, registration and more Infos: